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Are you struggling with the question, do I leave or do I stay?
Have you decided you have had enough, ready to call it quits and don’t know what to do?
Has your partner made this decision and you don’t know where to turn or who to talk to?
Both you and your partner know it’s time to move on and looking for the right support to achieve this amicably.

If it’s time to move on but you are not sure where to start, read on.

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Welcome to Separation Made Easy

A better way for couples to separate.


The Separation Made Easy divorce process has been carefully crafted to provide a level of service and support that is cutting edge.

The divorce process involves the legal, financial and mediation processes, reams of paperwork and filing of documents – this is how the current system is structured and we must work within this system.

We started asking the question, how can we make this process better for everyone involved and subsequently created a system inclusive of all of the above, added elements and designed a level of service and support to ensure we are involved with our clients, personally and professionally.


At Separation Made Easy we are intentional in our decision to create an holistic approach to everything we do with and for our clients.

Your journey and how well quipped you are physically, mentally and emotionally is vital to your overall wellbeing and will effect how well you are able to manage what will be a very challenging and life changing experience.

Simple, yet powerful elements to achieve resolution.
An experienced team, which includes your lawyer, accountant and financial planner.
A plan, a step by step process to keep you focussed at all times on the end result.
Someone in your corner to show you how to manage and work with your emotions throughout the process.

How you choose to separate will be one of the most important decisions you will ever make.

Decisions determine outcomes, choose wisely.



Separation Made Easy provides an holistic and considered approach to separation.


  • A personal consultant to support you throughout the process
  • Initial 2 hour consultation
  • Daily check in via phone and/message
  • Weekly catch up session with your consultant
  • We will ensure your matter is kept on track
  • Mindset, action steps, planning and future development coaching


  • Access to our little black book of professionals
  • Accountants
  • Forensic Accountants
  • Mediators
  • Family Lawyers (Accredited Family Law Specialists)
  • Psychologists
  • Family Report Writers
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Brokers
  • Coaches


You need to mediate and don’t know where to start? 

We will get the mediation organised for you quickly and efficiently with our support network of qualified mediators and family dispute resolution practitioners


  • We help you complete the application
  • We arrange for the filing and serving of the application
  • All you need to do is turn up (if required) on the date of the hearing


Lorrie Brook and Jenny Smith have joined forces to combine their experience, knowledge and commitment to providing a better solution for couples who wish to separate.

LORRIE BROOKCo-Founder of Separation Made Easy
Lorrie has worked as a Family Lawyer in Brisbane for over 7 years and her passion for making the separation process easier for couples, families, children and all concerned has led to the creation of Separation Made Easy.
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JENNY SMITHCo-Founder of Separation Made Easy
Jenny is a highly skilled mediator, facilitator and co-creator of Separation Made Easy.
Jenny’s passion is helping people gain control of all aspects of the separation and divorce process.
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An opportunity to get the facts about the separation journey and clear up any misconceptions or misinformation you made have received from other professionals, family and friends. Plus access to our own team of experts when it comes to legal, financial, children and child support, mediation and mindset and communication.


An online communication platform for families offering a breakthrough approach for co parenting communications & shared parenting responsibilities.


Do you need to participate in a parenting orders program? Have you been ordered by the Court to participate in one? The Parenting Orders Program has been designed to help families who are experiencing difficulty with establishing and maintaining a successful co parenting relationship.


For Couples Who Agree To Separate & Want To Have This Facilitated As Quickly As Possible

You are both in agreement and looking for a way to get everything finalised quickly and amicably.
We arrange everything for you, the professionals you need to get the legal and financial aspects completed.
Both parties have access to forensic accountants, family lawyers (accredited family law specialists), psychologists and mediators.  Sessions can be scheduled to fit within your work schedule and other commitments.


It is imperative you get proper and professional financial and legal advice as soon as possible. We have this covered for you.
Family matters are emotional and stressful times for everyone, litigation can prolong and accelerate resolution and may result in a no win situation for either party financially. We don’t want this for you and your family.
A mediator helps brings parties together to discuss issues in a non-adversarial manner to explore the issues, foster better communication and find positive outcomes. We ensure you have a mediator in your corner who has all participants best interests at heart.
Meetings and attendance with your financial advisor and legal representatives. We arrange all of these for you.
Prevent costs from escalating out of control. We ensure you are aware at the outset of most of your costs.
Reach resolution fast! Priceless!!


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