Making tough decisions

Damned if we do.  Damned if we don’t.

Most of us are familiar with the concept  – damned if we do, damned if we don’t.  Often we find ourselves in situations where there is no easy way out.  Rarely however does it relate to our immediate family and the ripple effect that will be caused no matter what decision we make.

In a work setting we are often we are put in a position where there is no easy choice. Yet making that tough decision is relatively easy as we are not emotionally attached to the outcome. It will be a matter of weighing up the pro’s and the con’s and then looking at what will give us the best return for our dollar, for our time, what will cause least disruption and what will ultimately be best for our business/work.  The decision process is the same in a personal setting yet the decision is so much harder.  

Why is that?

Why is it that when we are asked to make a decision in our personal life which we have no problem doing on a day to day basis for our work we can’t? Why do we all of a sudden freeze and then start to question our ability to make the decision and if the decision we make is the right one?

The answer is simple isn’t it?

Isn’t the fact that we love, we care and we are responsible for our decisions in our personal life mean that our ability to think rationally, logically and devoid of emotion will impact our ability.

The fact of the matter is that in a business/work setting our choices may not be easy (but for the most part we have the ability to undo them or change direction in a moments notice). On a personal level, once we have made a decision and verbalised it it is hard to go back.  Not only this but the consequences that the decision can have is long lasting.  Almost like throwing a stone into a lake, the ripple it causes will depend on the size of the stone – asking for a separation may be like throwing a boulder into a lake for some of you or a small pebble for others.

The ripple will be different for us all.

It is because we understand this that our ability to make these decisions can be hard.  It doesn’t mean you are becoming weak.  It doesn’t mean you are losing your confidence.  It means that you are emotionally intelligent, aware not only of yourself and the role you play but that of others as well.  This is not something to be embarrassed about.  It is something to acknowledge and know that when you do find the strength to make a decision – whatever it may be – that you have done so considering all of your options and being open to the consequences that you will face.


Lorrie has exceeded all of my expectations.  Thank you so much!


Thank you for all of your support and assistance.  Your workshops were amazing I learnt so much!


I found your organisation very professional and easy to work with.  Thank you for assisting my ex wife and I through this process.




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