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 Divorce Made Easy

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When a couple recognise, for whatever reason, their relationship is no longer working for each of them, they have the opportunity to choose a better way to reach resolution more quickly and maintain their integrity and dignity throughout the process.  This doesn’t mean it will be without it’s emotional difficulties and other challenges, however it does mean that everyone can move on with their lives in a timely manner with less stress and financial outlay.

Normally people will seek out a lawyer first and follow their advice. Inevitably, delays occur, often because life gets in the way. Issues remain unsettled, conflicts arise, timetables become harder to meet and financial outlays begin to drain available resources. All this as you deal with work, family pressures, emotional stress and trying to avoid children being adversely impacted.  Each week your future remains uncertain your physical and emotional wellbeing is compromised, moving on with your life not only becomes harder to do, but for many people it will be two, three or four years before they are completely free to get on with their lives.

What if there was a better way to reduce the negative impact of divorce?

Welcome to Divorce Made Easy

This proven legal process enables you and your partner to reach a speedy resolution. This process empowers you to mutually agree on your property settlement and family’s future within a short time frame.

This smarter option connects you with professional meditators, family law practitioners and financial experts dedicated to achieving the most realistic, favourable outcome for you both.

Divorce Made Easy is not for everyone

It is for couples who decide to look at the longer term vision for everyone’s future and making a decision to choose happiness over revenge, peace over bitterness.

To find out if this process is right for you and your partner call us today on 1300 433 302.

Divorce Made Easy is always done at a pace that suits you and your family.


Lorrie Brook and Jenny Smith have joined forces to combine their experience, knowledge and commitment to providing a better solution for couples that wish to separate.

We have come together because we are sick and tired of the number of people who go straight to a lawyer when they have, or are thinking of separating.

We believe that having a great lawyer in your corner is necessary in some situations it is not necessarily the first or best thing anyone ‘should’ do.

  • It sends an unwritten and/or unarticulated message to the other party that the gloves are on
  • It leads to unnecessary and costly outlay of financial resources
  • It often means the separation process will be long and drawn out for two to three years and in many cases even longer


Combining our knowledge and experience gained over 20 years working in our respective modalities we are committed to creating change in how the current system operates with the intention of:

  • Providing education on the key issues everyone needs to know
  • Reducing the time it takes to reach resolution
  • Respect and integrity
  • Helping people move on with their lives more quickly


1300 433 302

How Can We Help?

Are you ready to remove the feelings of uncertainty and overwhelm?
Are you ready to decide now to take control of your future?
Working with an expert team of professionals who manage everything for you, a team who are committed to ensuring your divorce journey is easy every step of the way.

Is this right for you and your partner?

Together we decide if this unique process is right for you.  If yes, a specialist mediator or arbitrator will speak to your partner to ensure they are committed to this process as well.

Divorce Made Easy, is not for every couple and that’s okay, we’d rather not waste your time or give you false hope.

Divorce Made Easy is practiced in a calm professional environment, you will feel at ease and able to speak freely with experts dedicated to immediate resolution, not time wasting power tactics.

The success of this process rests with you and your partner.

  • You are the ones in control
  • You both must be ready for resolution
  • You both must be committed to moving forward
  • You’ll be given the tools, resources and professional support
  • You must craft your own future

Divorce Made Easy is the ideal legal framework to expedite your New Start in life.


1300 433 302

Lorrie Brook

Lorrie has worked as a Family Lawyer in Brisbane for over 7 years and is the Founder of Our Children, a website dedicated to providing support for parents after divorce.

She started her career as a Family Lawyer and practised for a number of years before undertaking training and subsequently being appointed as an Independent Children’s Lawyer and Separate Representative.

Whilst this work was undoubtedly rewarding she wanted to help families before their children became embroiled in disputes and it was through this that she discovered her passion lies with helping families find an alternate means to communicate.

This passion for making the separation process easier for everyone involved has been the catalyst for the creation of Separation Made Easy.

Jenny Smith

For the past 5 years Jenny has used her extensive coaching experience to focus on providing a range of services and support for women at all stages of the separation and divorce process to ensure they are able to remain focused on their agreed outcomes, maintaining their integrity throughout the process, celebrating their success and setting them up to create a new life.

Jenny started her coaching career in 2007 and the decision to combine her coaching experience, knowledge and skills with Lorrie’s Family Law background and focused attention on issues related to children caught up in the separation process, alignment of values and desire to create a better way for couples to separate has been the foundation on which Separation Made Easy has been built.

Have your questions regarding divorce and separation answered by professionals.


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